Friday, December 9, 2011

Writing Update

It's weird to think I only have 9 more blog posts for 2011 after today. That's assuming I don't take a bit of a break over Christmas. Still, I have been thinking about the things I want to talk about as we wrap up the year.

For now I thought I'd give a bit of an update of where the year has left me, writing-wise.

My third round of edits on Locked Within has been sent back to my editor. Things are going really well, I think. Kristine is a huge help in figuring out my weaknesses and playing to my strengths. I know there's still plenty of work to be done, but I'm looking forward to it. I can see the book becoming much stronger as we go.

I've been neglecting Nightfall for the last couple of months. Not that I'm letting it go, by any stretch, but Nathan's story has been so strong in my mind that I'm finding I have try hard not to get ahead of myself. I'm currently preparing to re-draft Silent Oath to take into account feedback from my crit partners and beta readers, as well as major changes which have happened to Locked Within. My goal is to have Silent Oath ready for querying in time to make a 2013 release, if it's accepted.

As well as that, I've decided to start writing the third book of The Memory Chronicles in the new year. I'm seriously looking forward to this, but I'm keeping a lot of it under wraps for the time being.

I've also been getting more and more ideas for other books, independent of The Memory Chronicles. A dark fantasy series, and a couple of ideas for MG or YA Christmas stories.

What about you? Where are you with your writing, or what are you reading that's really grabbed your attention?