Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I love Dublin at Christmas. The lights look amazing and there are choirs up and down Grafton Street. It's not a proper Christmas unless we get to see the streets all lit up and hear the music playing.

It's great to spend time wandering the shops. While online ordering often has great deals, you really can't beat that feeling of picking out a present, taking it to the register, then bringing it home. We've managed to get pretty much all of our shopping done now, and the Christmas tree is looking great with the presents wrapped underneath it.

My wife and I always spoil each other a little at this time of year. As well as getting presents for each other, we pick out some things like DVDs we've wanted that we'll put under the tree with both our names on. We believe very strongly that Christmas should be enjoyed as much as possible, and we indulge our childish side more often this time of year than any other, which is saying something.

Once we get all our shopping done we still like to wander around the shops, taking in the atmosphere and stopping for tea or coffee. Christmas Eve, especially. It was on Christmas Eve that I proposed, in the morning in St Stephen's Green next to the fountains. There's nothing like a Christmas Eve where everything is done and you can just enjoy yourself.

What about you? Do you have any Christmas shopping traditions or preferences?