Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm deep in edits for Locked Within and it's hard to concentrate on much else, to be honest. Unfortunately I lost a chunk of last night's work because the file didn't save correctly for some reason. It's not an impossible setback to overcome, but it has doubled the amount of work I had left to do before I was going to move on to scene re-writes.

These re-writes have been burning in my head for weeks now. I'm really eager to get them done while they're strong in my mind and I have that enthusiasm to get them done. I may take a chance and just dive into them, leaving the last 40 pages of word-culling until I get back to them. The re-writes will be the most intensive part of the process, I think, and I already feel like it's taking too long to get them done. I really would like to have both the edits on Locked Within and the second draft of Silent Oath done by Christmas.

Have any of you ever felt such a strong desire to get re-writes done? Mine are going to have a really big impact on the course of the series and I'm so glad I had Silent Oath written before Locked Within came out so I could see what changes would be the best to make the ongoing story the best it can be.